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BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Legacy Edition Arcade Machine

Arcade1Up Bandai Namco Legacy, Armadio per sala giochi verticale, Namco, Uomo/Donna, 43,2 cm (17″), LCD, Nero, Bianco, Giallo

Arcade1Up Bandai Namco Legacy. Tipo di prodotto: Armadio per sala giochi verticale, Tema: Namco, Genere consigliato: Uomo/Donna. Larghezza: 483 mm, Profondità: 578 mm, Altezza: 1468 mm. Larghezza imballo: 1213 mm, Profondità imballo: 172 mm, Altezza imballo: 603,3 mm. Quantità per container intermodale (40 piedi): 367 pz, Quantità per contenitore intermodale (40pd, HC): 500 pz, Larghezza scatola principale: 1213 mm

Originally founded under the name Nakamura Seisakujo in 1955, the company that would become BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment was initially in the coin-operated amusement ride business. Entering the video game industry at the end of the ‘70s, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s titles would quickly change the world of entertainment forever. With their release of GALAXIAN™, GALAGA™, and PAC-MAN™ — the best-selling arcade game of all time — BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s titles were instrumental in ushering in the golden age of arcade games and have impacted pop-culture across generations.

Twelve games, one cabinet, unlimited retro gaming fun. Add the BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Legacy Edition to your home and have a BLAST anytime…no quarters required!

Brought to you by Arcade1Up, this is an absolute must-have for your family game room, game cave, or even in the office. Arcade1Up home arcade cabinets play great, look great, and are instant conversation pieces.

And what a phenomenally iconic game list this is…a dozen classic BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment titles, packed inside! PAC-MAN™, PAC-LAND™, PAC-MAN™PLUS, SUPER PAC-MAN™, PAC & PAL™, PAC-MANIA™, GALAXIAN™, GALAGA™, DIG DUG™, DIG DUG™II, MAPPY™, and ROMPERS™. ALL included. Switch up to any included game at will with the easy to navigate on-screen menus. Additionally, this BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Legacy Edition includes a Custom riser, if you need to give it some lift!

Iconic arcade games. Pop culture imagery that has stood the test of time. Nostalgia that transcends generations. We call this the “Legacy Edition” for a reason…make that many reasons!

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